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The past month or so has been rather difficult, but I'm through the other side and am getting back into the swing of relatively normal life. That being said, I don't recommend having a mood disorder. Not that I think anyone would, but still, just so it's on the record.

Medication adjustment continues apace, getting better every time but still in need of the periodic tweak, which is entirely to be expected but still frustrating at times.

Currently my big excitement is that I am going back to CA to see my family and go to my HS reunion in September and am probably going to be going up to D.C. to see friends sometime roughly around my birthday. It's always good to have things to look forward to.

*taps mic*

May. 10th, 2010 04:41 pm
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Sorry for the radio silence folks. Life has a way of taking over all my most well-intended projects and this turned into just another example of such, unfortunately.

Since last I posted, which was nigh on a year ago shockingly enough, my bipolar is fairly well controlled, even if I am still on a constant adjustment cycle with my meds. Getting the SSRI out of the picture and getting my sleep cycle normalised is the big challenge still, and we're working on figuring out what ancillary medication on top of my mood stabiliser will take care of the sleep issue. Definitely feeling better of late all way 'round though, so that's something to be thankful for.

As usual, the boring day to day life babble still happens over at LJ, though I'm leaning more and more towards moving over here if only to get the heck away from those TERRIBLE ads and crap. We'll see.
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Today had sucked kind of a lot. Crying jag induced by realising that the fabulous shoes I bought on sale yesterday at Lady Foot Locker will not in fact work for any of my rehab stuff and that I cannot in any version of reality justify the money on them in light of that, and for some reason that caused me to go into a fifteen or twenty minute long crying jag, which my partner handled with remarkable aplomb, thank god. I have now been fed by my adoptive brother and am starting to feel slightly better, though I've definitely got some strange mania induced behavior going on still. The thing that sucks about having started the bipolar specific medication when I did is that I'm preparing to have surgery and be out on disability for two to three months and that on it's own is causing all manner of stress.

So that's today's update.

At last!

Jul. 27th, 2009 01:55 pm
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So pretty much since I created this journal I've been pondering what to use it for. It's not the time for me to move journals completely (thought that may happen) but I knew something would occur to me that should have it's own space.

About two weeks ago I was diagnosed with bipolar I, after struggling with anxiety and panic disorders for most of my life. My trusty SSRI was no longer working, I knew I needed a new psychiatrist in the area where I had moved to, and I felt pretty certain I needed some new medication, so I got a referral to a lovely psychiatrist and when she told me that it seemed clear to her that my bipolar genes were showing themselves, it definitely started to make sense.

Still, it's a scary diagnosis. I've seen the damage bipolar has done in my family, and by it's very DSM IV definition it will never be cured, only treated. Being told you have a potentially life destroying illness that you will never really be rid of can be a bit of a shocker, as you can imagine.

So there it is. This journal is going to serve as a record of my journey with bipolar, and will remain public. In doing so I hope that this whole bizarre experience will make more sense to me, and that it can maybe help someone else understand some of what bipolar is and isn't.

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