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britt ([personal profile] britt) wrote2009-07-29 04:51 pm

The joys of mixed states.

Today had sucked kind of a lot. Crying jag induced by realising that the fabulous shoes I bought on sale yesterday at Lady Foot Locker will not in fact work for any of my rehab stuff and that I cannot in any version of reality justify the money on them in light of that, and for some reason that caused me to go into a fifteen or twenty minute long crying jag, which my partner handled with remarkable aplomb, thank god. I have now been fed by my adoptive brother and am starting to feel slightly better, though I've definitely got some strange mania induced behavior going on still. The thing that sucks about having started the bipolar specific medication when I did is that I'm preparing to have surgery and be out on disability for two to three months and that on it's own is causing all manner of stress.

So that's today's update.